SoRCon (Son Of Ramsdencon)


What's happening at SoRCon?

  • Playing Games (obviously!)
  • The Quiz-a-Hunt
  • New and Secondhand Games to Buy
  • Harrassing Committee Members

Shopping Oportunities

We hope to again have GamerzNexus from Rayleigh present, but this is not yet confirmed.

Organised Gaming

Let us know if you would like use to run a specific event or game.

If you are interested in playing any specific games please use the Yahoo group or Facebook events to arrange players for your games.

Second Hand Games

We will have a space available for people to display any games they wish to sell.

You can pre-publicise your sales through the Yahoo group or Facebook events.

To help the committee handle the sale of your games, please bring a list of your games with the sales prices. Post-it notes will be available from the reception desk.