SoRCon (Son Of Ramsdencon)

A Beginnersí Guide to SoRCon

Why go to a games convention?

Here are four good reasons: -

  1. It is an excellent opportunity to play games with people who are just as enthusiastic about them as you are.
  2. You can play old favourites with a different group of people or try out the hot new titles.
  3. There will also be the time to play that longer game that has been gathering dust on your shelf.
  4. Youíll have the chance to make new friends who share your interest.

Isnít it just the same hardcore group that attends all the conventions?

There are a few dedicated souls who seem to turn up at all the conventions, but they are the exception rather than the rule. Every convention draws in a fair few first-timers and the majority who attend one or two conventions per year.

Will SoRCon be family friendly?

Children are welcome, but they must be your responsibility, and younger children must be supervised by you. Many keen game players started this way, and we hope more will join our ranks over time. Non-game-playing significant others are welcome to attend and to spend as much time at the convention as they choose. If they are mostly, but not entirely non-game-playing, ask us and we'll make up a policy.

What sorts of games are played?

Eurogames (the name given to games like Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Carcassonne) are very popular at this sort of convention. However, no type of game is excluded and you will find people eager to fight wars, perform crazy feats of dexterity, build railways, or crawl through dungeons.

What is open gaming?

Organised events or tournaments of particular games are a feature of some conventions. In contrast, SoRConís open gaming allows you a completely free choice of what to play, when and who with.

Will it be easy to join in a game?

In a room full of sociable gamers with a very large supply of games? Fear not. But if you do have a problem, see a committee member.

What if there is this one special game that I want to play?

The SoRCon Committee is here to help. We will assist you in finding opponents and arrange a time to play a particular game ahead of the convention.

Playing games for three whole days? That seems a bit much.

We will be running the popular Quiz-a-Hunt again, and are open to suggestions for new events to run.

In addition, the Festival Park where the Holiday Inn is situated has other facilities including a multiplex cinema and water-skiing (latter to be confirmed if open in March).

Alternatively you could simply choose to relax with a drink in the hotel bar or over a meal in its, or other nearby, restaurant.

Should I bring some games?

You are welcome to bring any games you would like to play. Don't feel obliged to pack your entire collection though; other people will be bringing a wide range of games and they will usually be willing to lend them to you. But except for those displayed as free to borrow, please ask.

Can I bring some second-hand games to sell?

Certainly. Though please check that they have all their components before you put them up for sale. We would welcome a donation to our charity from your sales.

Should I bring some food and drink?

A selection of meals, snacks and beverages will be available at the hotel throughout the day. Please do not eat outside food in the convention facilites.

Whatís all this about Ramsdencon?

Ramsdencon was a games convention that brightened a gloomy February weekend over a ten year period. It took place at Ramsden Hall School, near Billericay in Essex and was organised by Annie Shillabeer, one of the staff at the school. A combination of the unique location and Annieís personality gave Ramsdencon an ambience somewhere between St. Trinions and a university rag week. Annie moved on to pastures new in 2006, giving her blessing to SoRCon to carry on the tradition of fun and games.