SoRCon (Son Of Ramsdencon)



The convention will take place at the Holiday Inn Basildon. The Hotel is located to the north of Basildon in the Festival Leisure Park - full details are available from the hotel's website. If you wish to book a room, please contact the hotel directly.

Room Rates

Convention accommodation room rates per night are as follows:

These rates are only available by booking direct with the hotel: Ask for House Reservations, and ensure that you quote the event name "SORCON GAMING 26.02.16".

We are trying to identify the direct number for the hotel. Be warned, the numbers listed on their website charge at about 13p per minute.

You may be able to find other rates On the Internet - but always check whether they include breakfast.

Single room with breakfast 64.00
Double room with breakfast 71.00

Please arrange your own room share if possible. If you can't find anyone, please post a comment on Facebook, or let us know and we will put anyone looking for a share in touch

Opening Times

The convention will start at 2pm on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday and Sunday the registration desk will be open from 9am.

The function room(s) will remain open into the small hours at the discretion of the night porter.


Details of food available in the hotel will be added later; other food is available on the Festival Park site.

The committee requests that you do not bring any food into the convention rooms purchased from outside of the hotel.

Payment/Registration fees
Payments received by 31st December 2015 :
Whole weekend
Friday 7.00
Saturday 10.00
Sunday 7.00
Payment received from 1st January 2016:
Whole Weekend
Friday 10.00
Saturday 15.00
Sunday 10.00