About SoRCon:

SoRCon is run by an enthusiastic group of board-gamers. Whilst some of the committee members (the greyer looking ones) have been around the hobby for a long time; others are more recent to it (the less grey looking ones). In 2008, after attending a number of other events, SoRCon came into being.

SoRCon now regularly attracts over 100 people throughout the weekend. Although many of those attending know each other; we are very welcoming to new people, whether you play board games regularly elsewhere, or are completely new to it.

The games we tend to play are often referred to as ‘Eurogames’, and include ones such as Carcassonne, Dominion, Settlers etc. But we certainly don’t confine ourselves to such games. If you’re unable to bring your own games, we have a library of games that you can borrow from. In fact, many people will let you borrow their games if you ask nicely.

Although we don’t host any formal tournaments during the weekend, there are a number of things to do or see. On the Saturday night, we have our (in)famous Quiz-a-Hunt; which is part pub quiz, part Krypton Factor, part party game, and all fun.

We have a retailer on site, should you wish to purchase a copy of that game you just played. There is also a bring-and-buy corner where you can sell your surplus-to-requirement games (it can happen); and/or buy someone else’s cherished copy of a game now long out of print.


What are these ‘Eurogames’ you mentioned?

Eurogames are a genre of games that mainly originated in Germany. They normally take four or five players and take approximately and hour and a half to play. Not all the games we play fall into this category. Some are ‘lighter’, others can take a lot longer to play. You should find someone playing a game that suits you.

I don’t have any games to bring with me. What can I do?

Often, players are looking for other gamers to make up the numbers on a game they’ve set up. Just step up and join in. Otherwise there is the games library to choose from.

How does the bring-and-buy work?

If you are selling games: put a label (usually a post-it note) on the game with your name and the price you want to sell at.

If you are buying: either locate the seller and give them your money; or, if you can’t locate them, give the label and the money to one of the committee members who will hand the money on.

Do you take a cut from the bring-and-buy?

We do not. However; if you wish to donate to our charity (B.O.S.P.), we will always gratefully accept your money.

Thanks to your continued support and generosity, we have already donated thousands to BOSP :)

If I have a question or problem, how do I find a committee member?

Hopefully you shouldn’t have any problems; but if you do, the on duty committee member will be found holding the totem. This is usually a big, helium filled party balloon.

(Please be aware that any problems with your hotel room should be addressed to the hotel reception.)

What’s this Quiz-a-Hunt all about?

It’s a competition we run on Saturday evening. There are four teams of up to six members in each. Play is across four rounds, each lasting twenty minutes. They are: a quiz, a hunt (more a set of cryptic clues nowadays), a physical round (not very physical, but still challenging), and a creative round (past years have included plasticine sculpturing, and mask painting).

I’m attending by myself. How easy is it for me to get a game?

Usually very easy. Games are starting all the time, and quite often an extra player is required.

Don’t be shy, just ask.

I don’t fancy eating in the hotel. What is available outside?

We are situated in The Festival Leisure Park (known locally as Bas Vegas!). There are a number of restaurants and fast food outlets just outside the hotel. We would recommend booking in advance to guarantee getting a table.

Can I bring in food and/or drink in from outside?

Sorry, no. One of the terms of our hiring the venue is that only food and drink bought from the hotel can be consumed in the convention.

Why do you spell SoRCon in that weird fashion?

SoRCon is spelled that way to reflect our origins in Ramsdencon. A, sadly missed, con that ran between 1996 and 2007. Son of RamsdenCon. Simples!